Fold End-Table

The Fold Series came about as a process of experimentation with paper models, directly inspired by origami. The key element here is the strength that a fold produces in a sheet of paper. Made from a relatively pliable 3 mm thick steel sheet, the folds in these works allow for sufficient structural rigidity to properly function as pieces of furniture.

The sides of the Fold End-Table are made from 3mm steel sheet, laser-cut and precision bent on a press brake. The matte white powder finish is intentionally suggestive of a sheet of paper. The top and bottom pieces are 40 mm thick oak slabs, a stark complement to the skinny metal sides. Designed in collaboration with Jude Heslin Di Leo.

500 x 450 x 565 mm. 3 mm mild steel sheet. Matte white powder coat finish. Solid White Oak. Water-based and non-toxic matte finish.