Melissa Table

Conceived to complement the meditative setting of an art gallery, the Muse Series stands out by its subtly complex yet unified approach to form and function. As functional objects, the works respond to practical needs along with an elegance of form which manages to be both beautiful and gently discreet.

Named for the client who commissioned it, this table was designed to be used in an art gallery as a working desk with hidden but practical drawers. It was also meant to double as an occasional dining table. Taking into account the narrow access into the gallery, the table required detachable legs, a feature which posed unique problems to its structural design. The solution lies in a marriage of joinery and hardware, adapting a modified tongue and groove joint to allow for a specialty bolt to fuse the legs to the under structure of the table. The mechanism is hidden and is only accessible when the drawer is fully removed.

The Melissa Table is shortlisted in The International Design & Architecture Awards, in London, 2019.

1100 x 865 mm. Solid White Oak, White pickling stain. All timber is sustainably harvested. All adhesives, stains, and finishes used are water-based and non-toxic.